Crewe Vehicle Maintenance Facility

Crewe VMF is comprised of a two-road diesel Loco fuel point built in 2015 and a five-road maintenance shed opened in 2016. The facility operates 24/7 providing maintenance services for both electric and diesel locomotives across six types, 08s 47s, 66s, 70s 86s and 90s. Home to Freightliner’s electric fleet, the Crewe VMF team carry out all planned maintenance activities on these Locos including wheelset changes, bogie overhauls and transformer changes. In addition the team carries out servicing, maintenance and repair activities on the diesel fleet from the fuel point and also up to C exams on the 66s in the maintenance shed. The team is currently expanding into class 66 engine work as part of their 2020 maintenance development plan.

A team of mobile Field Service Engineers, managed from Crewe but strategically located throughout the country undertake planned maintenance and repairs in the field minimising locomotive downtime.


Freightliner VMF Basford Hall Fuel Point Off Gresty Road Crewe CW2 5AA

24hr CCTV is in operation at this site.



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