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Freightliner, a subsidiary of Genesee & Wyoming Inc. (G&W), was named “Rail Freight Operator of the Year” at last week’s Multimodal Awards recognising excellence and best practise across the UK logistics industry.This is the fifth time that Freightliner has won this award since the category was introduced in 2016.

Chief Commercial Officer Andrew Daly accepted the award on behalf of Freightliner during the ceremony.


“We couldn’t have achieved this without the hard work and dedication of our people, and I would like to thank each and every one of you for making this happen,” said Eddie Aston, CEO for G&W’s UK/Europe Region companies.  “Freightliner continues to play a key role in the United Kingdom’s supply chain and is committed to helping customers achieve their Net Zero targets by delivering a cleaner and cost-effective Intermodal Logistics solution.”


Freightliner exhibited at this year’s Multimodal Exhibition with an impressive stand, revealing an enhanced brand identity and their new Intermodal3 Logistics solution to their customers. The stand also featured converted containers which doubled up as a coffee shop and top floor meeting room, demonstrating the capabilities of their container conversions team.

About Freightliner

A subsidiary of Genesee & Wyoming Inc. (G&W), Freightliner is the UK’s largest maritime intermodal logistics operator and leading UK container logistics services provider.

Globally, G&W owns or leases 116 freight railroads worldwide with 8,000 employees servicing 3,000 customers.

Here in the UK, Freightliner offers a wide range of solutions, catering for the requirements of a diverse market sector and providing a safe, reliable and cost-effective freight partnership.

As the UK’s largest rail freight and container logistics provider, Freightliner has deep operational knowledge and experience across:


    • Final mile and long-haul road transport
    • Container maintenance and repair
    • Container sales and conversions
    • Refrigeration services

From increasing flexibility or price related demands to evidencing your sustainability credentials, here at Freightliner we understand the challenges you face and know that simply delivering products from A to B isn’t enough.

As a key factor in your supply chain, we acknowledge our responsibility to provide logistics solutions that help you achieve your broader commercial ambitions and ensure you stay one step ahead of your competition.

Whether it’s improving efficiency, giving you the flexibility you need or helping you on your journey to net zero, our strong record of safety and reliability combined with a commitment to invest in innovation and continuous improvement ensures we always go above and beyond to deliver the most complete logistics solution and a service that adds value to your entire business.

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