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Freightliner jumbo Cl70 HVO fuelled train trial success.

Freightliner recently carried out a successful HVO (hydro-treated vegetable oil) fuel trial, when locomotive 70017 ran 7A91 Merehead to Acton (106 miles), hauling 59205 and 66524 as well as 39JNA loaded wagons.  The train weight was 4000Tons, making this the longest and heaviest train on the UK network with a single loco using 100% sustainable fuel.
Throughout the journey the locomotive performed well, making full horsepower while keeping all other parameters within specifications and not getting close to any derate limits.
We also collected the time spent in each notch throughout the journey so that we could calculate the fuel consumption for the entire journey, resulting in a reduction of GHG CO2 emissions by 1810Kgs compared to standard EN590 diesel, as well as improving almost all areas of air quality emissions.  This one journey alone, equates to the removal of 90 HGVs of aggregate from the UK’s congested roads.
All in all, a highly successful trial where the locomotive performed as it would running on diesel as well as meeting diagram timings. Just one of a number of innovative, energy saving initiatives that sees Freightliner continue to lead the way in low carbon freight, with the most extensive electrically hauled freight offering and a huge number of other deployed initiatives aimed at reducing carbon and meeting government decarbonisation targets.

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