Our VBS is live in all our terminals

Genesee & Wyoming’s UK/Europe Region companies, including Freightliner and Pentalver, have unveiled a new, innovative website structured around their three business platforms of Rail, Road and Terminals.

The goal was to create a visually striking, user-friendly, modern website that adapts to the growing number of online visitors using mobile devices while presenting the overlapping services provided by G&W’s UK-based subsidiaries in a way which capitalises on their already strong online presence.

The solution is a multimedia offering which allows for seamless transition between the three main business platforms: www.freightliner.co.uk for rail, www.pentalver.com for road, and www.gwrr.co.uk for terminal services and shared pages such as Corporate Social Responsibility and Fleet.

“Our new website supports us in achieving our overall objective of delivering an efficient, high quality service to customers across our three core platforms of Rail, Road and Terminals,” said Gary Long, CEO of G&W’s UK/Europe Region companies. “This focus on the customer experience, together with substantial investments in cutting-edge technology, facilities and rolling stock, will help us to continue growing in this ever-changing market.”

Taking web trends and business needs into consideration, the requirement for an interactive map representing all UK locations was evident, as were ‘calls to action’ enabling users to instantly click through to contact forms, case studies and recruitment pages.

“For many years, the recruitment pages have been popular with visitors to both the Pentalver and Freightliner websites, which is particularly important as we continue to look for qualified, experienced train and truck drivers, as well as engineers of various disciplines, to join our team,” said Glynis Appelbe, HR Director for G&W’s UK/Europe Region companies. “However, we understand that to continue attracting motivated and dedicated individuals, we must streamline and modernise our processes to make them simpler and more compelling for prospective applicants. We listened to feedback from new recruits to inform the design of our careers section, which included building focussed recruitment pages for each area of the business and creating more multimedia content to better display the opportunities and benefits of joining our team.”

Intuitive design features such as moving image galleries and slideshows enable users to view information in a visually appealing format at the touch of a button.

“In this digital era, a website is a significant tool in attracting new business as well as providing a place for current customers to find the information they need in an instant,” said Clive Slayford, Intermodal Commercial Director for G&W’s UK/Europe Region companies. “As the leading intermodal rail freight operator in the UK, our focus is on providing the best possible service to our customers. That is why having a modern, dynamic and visitor-friendly website will help take the customer experience to the next level.”

G&W’s London-based Corporate Communications team completed the ambitious website redesign project working with Suffolk-based design and marketing agency Fellowship.

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