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Rail freight helping to keep the country running.

Rail freight helping to keep the country running during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Rail freight has a critical role to play during these challenging times, not only in delivering vital goods for supermarkets and medical supplies for hospitals, but in providing pivotal services to keep the country running.

One such example is the transportation of waste from the streets of city centres such as Manchester.

Each day, Freightliner operates three trains a day on behalf of customers Suez, moving around 1,500 tonnes of domestic waste from the streets of Manchester to the energy-from-waste (EfW) plant in Runcorn where it is recycled into high quality raw materials and renewable energy.

 “Everyone in the waste industry is working hard to make sure we are able to maintain essential services for residents across the country during these extremely challenging circumstances. Freightliner is one of SUEZ’s key partners in the north west, and they are a vital link in the management and transportation of domestic waste in Greater Manchester. We rely on the Freightliner team every day to move tons of material from our waste handling and processing facilities across the region to the energy from waste plant in Runcorn, ensuring we are able to maintain the provision of key services to communities and local authorities across Greater Manchester.”


Mike Nuttall
Communications and Partnership Manager
Recycling and Recovery UK, Suez


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