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The first of Freightliner’s new FFA-G wagons arrive in the UK.

On 18th September, the first 40 of 230 new Freightliner FFA-G wagons arrived in the UK from Poland, representing the next generation of energy efficient, 40ft intermodal wagons. The remaining wagons are due to be delivered by November 2021.
The new FFA-G wagon is the culmination of two-and-a-half years of work with partners Greenbrier Europe and Wabtec Axiom Rail and is the latest contribution to Freightliner’s energy-saving strategy. Designed with fuel efficiency in mind, the FFA-G wagon is more than two tonnes lighter per platform than its nearest competitor, driving significantly less weight per train whilst maintaining industry safety standards. The modern low track force bogies ensure significantly reduced noise levels and minimise track damage.
Rail is already widely recognised as achieving 76% less carbon emissions than road, and the combination of weight saving and closely coupled 40ft wagons will save an additional 7% of carbon emissions over other rail services – increasing overall rail benefits to 78% for Freightliner-operated services.
With a working deck height of 980mm, the wagon has achieved route acceptance for the entire W10 network with a 40ft, 9’6” ISO container, meaning that the FFA-G has wider W10 network gauge clearance than other 40ft wagons.
Designing, testing, building and authorising a new design of wagon across four different countries during the Covid-19 pandemic provided additional challenges partly overcome using technology, but mainly by the knowledge, dedication and hard work of all those involved in the project.

“As the first Freight Operating Company to develop standard-height 40ft platform wagons, and the first to introduce the Shortliner (Ecofret) wagon, Freightliner has a proud history of setting the standards for innovative and sustainable wagon solutions in the UK,” said Freightliner’s Managing Director of UK Rail Tim Shakerley.  “As the largest intermodal rail freight operator with the largest offering of electrically hauled freight services in the UK, Freightliner is committed to driving decarbonisation, which is at the heart of our strategic focus and aligns us directly with customer expectations.

“The FFA-G wagon further enhances the environmental benefits of rail and makes an even greater contribution to bringing all greenhouse gas emissions to net zero by 2050.”


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