Genesee & Wyoming Inc. is the ultimate parent company and controlling entity of GWI UK Holding Limited. GWI UK Holding Limited (Reg. No. 09449260) is the UK parent company and controlling entity of GWI UK Acquisition Company Limited (Reg. No. 09449366), RailInvest Holding Company Limited (Reg. No. 06522978), RailInvest Acquisitions Limited (Reg. No. 06522985), Freightliner Group Limited (Reg. No. 05313119), Freightliner Acquisitions Limited (Reg. No. 05313136), Management Consortium Bid Limited (Reg. No. 02957951), Freightliner Limited (Reg. No. 03118392), Freightliner Heavy Haul Limited (Reg. No. 3831229), UK Bulk Handling Services Limited (Reg. No. 08568433), Freightliner Maintenance Limited (Reg. No. 05713164) and Freightliner Railports Limited (Reg. No. 05928006). Registered in England and Wales, Registered Office of all thirteen UK companies: 3rd Floor, 90 Whitfield Street, Fitzrovia, London, W1T 4EZ. For more information about Freightliner please visit