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Genesee & Wyoming Inc. (G&W)

About G&W UK / Europe Region Companies

G&W’s UK / Europe Region companies include Freightliner; the UK’s largest rail maritime intermodal operator and second-largest freight rail provider, and Pentalver, a leading UK container logistics services provider.

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G&W UK / Europe Region companies Timeline

  • Deliver Rail, Road, Terminals business model


    We adopt a customer-centric business model focusing on our three core business platforms of Rail, Road, Terminals, increasing efficiency and improving capabilities.

  • Pentalver acquired by G&W


    G&W acquires Pentalver and begins rebranding in-line with G&W’s corporate identity. The acquisition enables G&W to market a strong Rail, Road and Terminal services offering in the UK.

  • London Gateway Grand Opening


    Pentalver’s expanded terminal at DP World, London Gateway, officially opens, providing 40% additional capacity.

  • Freightliner acquired by G&W


    G&W acquires Freightliner, enabling their expansion into the European market. Freightliner Australia is renamed G&W Australia and adopts the branding in-line with G&W’s corporate identity.

  • Freightliner Germany commences service


    Building on Freightliner’s success in Poland, Freightliner DE begins operations. Initially transporting containers by rail, the company later offers bulk freight transportation by rail.

  • 2008

    Freightliner Acquired


    Private equity firm Arcapita takes ownership of Freightliner Group Limited and all subsidiaries.

  • Reefer Engineering team established


    Pentalver’s nationwide team of Reefer Engineers are recruited, allowing us to offer new, used and bespoke reefer containers.

  • Freightliner Poland commences service


    As the first freight train company in Poland, Freightliner PL starts operations with brand new rolling stock. Going from strength to strength, the company continues to expand its service offering.

  • Cannock upgraded


    Pentalver opens 6.5 hectare transport and container storage terminal in Cannock which soon begins offering container sales and conversions too.

  • Freightliner’s Maintenance Team established


    Freightliner’s engineering division is launched, bringing a fresh approach to the repair and maintenance of our traction, rolling stock and infrastructure. Offering a nationwide service, and utilising our knowledge and experience in the industry allows us to meet the needs of our customers.

  • 2005

    Midlands acquisition


    Bowmur Haulage acquired, based in Cannock. Later renamed Pentalver Cannock.

  • Coal trains rocket

    January, 2003

    After only 25 months of operating coal trains, Freightliner is responsible for almost 25% of UK coal movement. This figure rises over the years even as bulk freight services expand to cover a larger range of commodities.

  • Container sales expand


    The container sales division starts to sell new containers as the market begins to recognise the versatility of our products.

  • Containers for sale


    The vast array of container sales and conversions options starts as just a few used containers for sale.

  • Freightliner moves bulk freight


    Freightliner Heavy Haul is established and begins moving bulk freight by rail and operates as a separate entity from the rest of the Freightliner Group for over a decade.

  • 1996

    Freightliner is privatised


    Freightliner was privatised through a management buyout and became part of the operating company Freightliner Limited, which later loses the ‘Ltd’ from branding.

  • 1995

    Pentalver Acquired


    Pentalver is acquired by AP-Moller Maersk Group.

  • 1980

    Pentalver Established


    Pentalver is established as a family-run business and the first site opens in Southampton.

  • Millionth container transported

    January, 1972

    Rapid growth in network terminals in major UK cities and ports, and continual business development, cumulated in the millionth container being transported by Freightliner.

  • Freightliner Established


    Our first train ran from London to Scotland launching Freightliner as a contender in the intermodal haulage market, as an operating company of British Rail.


Our People

Executive Team

Our Executive Team have over 200 years of experience between them in the rail and logistics industry.

  • Tim Shoveller

    Chief Executive Officer G&W UK/Europe Region
  • Will Wright Photo

    Will Wright

    Chief Financial Officer G&W UK/Europe Region
  • Andrew Daly - CCO

    Andrew Daly

    Chief Commercial Officer G&W UK/Europe Region
  • Portrait of Glynis Appelbe

    Glynis Appelbe

    HR Director G&W UK/Europe Region
  • Portrait of Chris Lawrenson

    Chris Lawrenson

    Managing Director, Intermodal Logistics G&W UK/Europe Region
  • louise ward photo

    Louise Ward

    Safety & Sustainability Director G&W UK/Europe Region
  • Gideon Rutherford

    Gideon Rutherford

    Strategy & Transformation Director G&W UK/Europe Region

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Our Fleet

  • Class 59 Locomotive

    Class 59 Locomotive

    Description: Three variations of locomotive, delivered between 1986-1995
    Fleet: 14
    Weight (Tons): 121-126
    Maximum Speed (MPH): 60mph-75mph
  • Locomotive

    Class 66 Locomotive

    Description: 3300hp mainline diesel electric locomotive introduced in 1998
    Fleet: 119
    Weight (Tons): 127
    Fuel Capacity (Gallons): 1496
    Maximum Speed (MPH): 75mph
  • Locomotive

    Class 70 Locomotive

    Description: 3700hp mainline diesel electric locomotive introduced in 2009
    Fleet: 19
    Weight (Tons): 129
    Maximum Speed (MPH): 75mph
  • Wagon


    Description: Coal Hopper
    Fleet: 65
    Tare Weight (Tonnes): 27 tonnes
    Carrying Capacity (Tonnes): 74.5 tonnes
    Length over buffers: 19.1 metres
  • Wagon

    MWA Open Box Wagon

    Description: 101.6t GLW high capacity open box wagons built using recycled materials from disused coal hoppers
    Fleet: 140
    Tare Weight: 23.8 tonnes
    Carrying capacity: 77.8 tonnes
    Height: 3.3 m
    Loading Gauge: W6a
    Minimum Curve: 70 m
    Speed: 60 mph laden, 75 mph tare
    Tractor Unit


    Description: 460bhp MAN TGX
    Emission Class: Euro 6
    Permissible total Weight: 44,000kgs
    Maximum Speed (MPH): 56 mph
  • DAF CF
    Tractor Unit

    DAF CF

    Description: 483 bhp DAF CF FTG
    Emission Class: Euro 6
    Permissible total Weight: 44,000kgs
    Maximum Speed (MPH): 56 mph
  • Trailer

    4 Axle Single Extender Semi Low Loader

    Trailer uses
    20’, 30’ 40’ or 45’ containers (flat racks / open tops) attached with twistlocks
    Wheeled / tracked equipment (using 2.5m clip on ramps to rear of trailer and hop up ramps to neck – also over width outrigger boards available.
    Static / Break / bulk cargo whether in gauge or out of gauge.
  • Trailer

    Double Extending Semi Low Loader

    Trailer uses
    Wheeled / tracked equipment (using flip toe ramps to rear of trailer and hop up ramps to neck – also over width outrigger boards available.
    Static / Break / bulk cargo whether in gauge or out of gauge.
    Payload: Suitable for STGO operations – dependant on tractor unit used.

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