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GWI UK Safety & Sustainability Policy Statement

As a leading Intermodal logistics service provider within the UK, we take our Safety & Sustainability
responsibilities seriously and recognise the importance of performance in this area as part of our
overall business success.

Keeping people safe and protecting the environment are core values for our business. Our underlying
philosophy that ‘All those affected by our business should return home safe and well at the end of
every day’ is enshrined at the highest levels and is something the G&W UK Executive Team is
accountable for.

Our Safety & Sustainability Management System (SMS) covers all aspects of Safety & Sustainability in
line with the requirements of ISO 45001 and ISO 14001. We will seek external accreditation for
relevant operations to ensure we achieve all our compliance objectives and that our operational
activities prevent harm and embrace sustainable outcomes.

Our policy commitments are delivered through our annual targets and objectives and will ensure
continual improvement.

Our key operational commitments are to:

  • Provide safe and healthy working conditions for the prevention of work-related injury and
    ill health.
  • Prevent harm to the environment and support sustainable outcomes.
  • Conform with all legal and other relevant requirements.
  • Focus on eliminating hazards and reducing occupational and operational health and safety
  • Consult with and ensure the participation of employees and their representatives.
  • Develop and deliver appropriate training to enhance the knowledge and skills of our
  • Promote physical and mental health and general wellbeing practices.
  • Engage with our supply chain to influence their health, safety, wellbeing and sustainability

The G&W UK Executive Team is responsible for this policy and its implementation. We commit to
providing the relevant resource and to reviewing this policy annually and communicating it within
the organisation and to external interested parties. The next review will be October 2023.

Download the Environmental Management Policy Statement

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