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GWI UK Environmental Management Policy Statement

As one of the UK’s leading transportation services providers, we take our environmental responsibilities seriously and recognise the importance of our environmental performance as part of our overall business success.

As part of our Integrated Management System (IMS), we will develop, maintain and continually improve an Environmental Management System (EMS) in line with the requirements of ISO 14001 and seek external accreditation for relevant operations to ensure we achieve all our compliance objectives and that our operational activities prevent pollution and embrace environmental opportunities.

Our policy commitments are delivered through our annual targets and objectives and will ensure continual environmental improvement.

Our key operational commitments are to:

  • Conform with all legal and compliance obligations.
  • Reduce waste through effective waste management and enhancing our reuse and recycling programmes.
  • Protect the environment and prevent pollution by controlling emissions to air, discharges to water and operational noise and light emissions that may impact our neighbours.
  • Consider opportunities for improved biodiversity, land, habitat and invasive species management.
  • Develop and deliver environmental training to enhance the knowledge and skills of our colleagues.
  • Engage with our supply chain to influence their environmental performance.

The G&W UK Senior Leadership Team are responsible for this policy and its implementation. We commit to providing the relevant resource and to reviewing this policy annually and communicating it within the organisation and to external interested parties.

Download the Environmental Management Policy Statement

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