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Cargo Handling

Our Cargo Handling teams are based at Felixstowe and Southampton. We also have the ability to carry out projects at our Cannock terminal in the Midlands.

Collectively, our Cargo Handling team has over 175 years’ experience solely within the packing, repacking, unpacking and unloading and loading of goods for onward transportation.

We routinely handle Project Cargo* within the oil and gas, construction, energy, maritime, mining and heavy machinery industries. We also have the ability to handle your complex transport logistics for Out of Gauge (OOG). For complicated cargo we would be happy to advise or assist with the load plan.

*A term used to broadly describe the national or international transportation of large, heavy, high value or critical pieces of equipment.

Our Cargo Handling Services


We can collect your cargo from the quay using our internal shunting team and devan** cargo straight to curtain siders or into other containers to wait for collection. We can also assist with damaged cargo which needs to be repacked, palletised or disposed of.

**Process in which a landed container is unsealed, and all its contents are taken out.


We can receive your cargo into our ISO 9001:2015 depot to load, lash and secure your goods. Our in-house shunt team will then deliver your goods to quay.

Collection and Delivery

Collection and delivery of your goods can be arranged via our Specialist Haulage department, making the process easier and quicker for you. If you require loading at your customer’s premises, please enquire with our team about our ability to load on site at your customer’s premises (see contact details below).

Available 24/7

If your cargo is transported at night and over weekends, we can arrange for it to be received around the clock with prior notice and acceptance.


Pentalver provides the newest and widest range of equipment in order to deal with various types of cargo. Our dedicated team are highly experienced and fully trained, so you can be assured your cargo is in safe hands.

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Direct Contacts


Our Felixstowe team is able to quote on load/lash/secure of cargo and shunt to London Gateway from Felixstowe.


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