Our VBS is live in all our terminals

G&W UK (Freightliner and Pentalver) has flexibility and resilience built into its operations both from its scale of available resource and from diversity of its three operational platforms of Road, Rail and Terminals.

Like any responsible organisation we have established business continuity procedures to cover a variety of situations and threats, including pandemic flu outbreaks. We are currently working closely with both our employees across the various platforms as well as industry bodies, including Network Rail and Department for Transport, to ensure action to prevent the spread of infection across our workforce and supply chain, put in place mitigation actions to support continuing operations as a critical infrastructure supplier and to ensure recovery actions as and when required.

G&W UK Senior Leadership team are monitoring and reviewing the situation daily in what remains a dynamic situation and will continue to adapt to the changing environment including guidance from the UK Government, NHS and feedback from customers and suppliers.

Last updated: 18th March 2020

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