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Freightliner launches daily service to new Tinsley Marshalling Yard.

Freightliner has launched a new daily intermodal rail service from the Port of Felixstowe to the recently resurrected Tinsley Marshalling Yard, located between Sheffield and Rotherham.
Working alongside longstanding key customer, Maersk Line, and in collaboration with the Port of Felixstowe, Freightliner’s new service will run between the UK’s busiest container port and the new Newell & Wright Transport site at Tinsley, carrying a range of goods and further supporting customers’ network requirements and their sustained efforts to decarbonise transport operations.

“We are delighted to see the re-opening of the site at Tinsley, providing a further opportunity to move more goods by rail and the associated environmental benefits that brings,” said Managing Director of UK Rail at Freightliner Tim Shakerley.  “The daily service can remove up to 76 lorries from the UK’s congested roads and further supports our commitment to tackling climate change and meeting government decarbonisation targets.”


Chris Lewis, CEO at the Port of Felixstowe, said: “The Port of Felixstowe already has the busiest intermodal rail freight terminal in the country. This new service, Freightliner’s twentieth daily service from the port, further extends the range of sustainable distribution options available to importers and exporters through the UK’s largest container port.”

Steve New, Execution Manager at Maersk Line, commented: “Maersk Line is proud of our long-term collaboration with Freightliner, providing rail freight capacity to a range of destinations throughout the UK, including a new service from the Port of Felixstowe to the new Tinsley site operated by Newell & Wright Transport.  With decarbonisation high on the agenda, we continue to work closely with Freightliner on initiatives aimed at delivering a reliable and sustainable rail freight solution for our customers.”

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